Payment Options





Living Pictures makes your wedding day photography affordable:

* Full rights to digital photos on a CD (both print size and web size)
Most photos are edited – selected, cropped, color/contrast adjusted, red-eye adjusted
* Password protected print size and web size photos on my website
Option to buy pictures from my site, at normal retail cost ex: 8x10 1.99
* 2 photographers will shoot
* Great value
* $795 Package Price, Ceremony & Reception (up to 6 hours)
Includes a $50 credit toward a Wedding Album

* Wedding Album available for as little as $50
* $150 Engagement Package optional, up to 2 hours




















$100 - mini session, 1 hour on location
$250 - full session, studio, up to 3 hours
$300 - full session on location or at your home, up to 3 hours